At the moment BBDO Group comprises 20 agencies with approximately 1000 people working in them. The success of BBDO depends directly on how successful each person working in the company is. This is the framework of our HR policy. We are proud to have the best experts in our team and strive to give people the opportunity to fully embrace their talents. We think that people want to develop, that’s why we have our very own corporate university.

We are very glad that our work received appreciation from experts, and that in 2015 BBDO Group was awarded the “HR Director” (“Direktor po personalu”) magazine prize for the “Working with Generation Y: how to turn downsides upside” project. In 2011, our company became winner of the “HR Brand of the Year” contest, and in 2010 we came 1st in the “Dream employer” chart by and the “Offer” (“Aktsiya”) newspaper.

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Art Director // BBDO Moscow, Instinct, BOOTLEG

Creative designer // BBDO Moscow, Contrapunto, Instinct

Digital Art Director // Proximity, BBDO Moscow, Instinct, Contrapunto

Senior Art Director // BBDO Moscow, Contrapunto, Instinct

Senior Copywriter // BBDO Moscow, Contrapunto, Instinct

Marina Shvoeva
HR Director
BBDO Group
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