Who we need

It’s no secret that BBDO is an abbreviation of the founders names. Why? Perhaps this is because the people with their talent, experience, enthusiasm, ambition, charisma and faith are key to the success of BBDO. It depends on how successful each person in the company is. And this postulate forms the basis of our HR policy.

The management of the BBDO group is focused on forming efficient staff policy designed to create the most favorable conditions for the employees, allowing them to discover their talents and achieve success in their careers. To manage this, not only do the specially designed adaptation, training and development, career planning and an attractive compensation package program help us, but also the very special atmosphere in BBDO.

Its our people who create this atmosphere – about 1000 employees working in the Groups agencies. These people have a lot of talent and skills. But no matter how we expand, we continue to strive toward being a close-knit team that can handle the most difficult objectives, carrying through what weve started with. We dont get giddy from our success and remain optimistic in any situation.

Are we going the same path? Then join our team!

Information about BBDO Group vacancies can be foundhere. And, even if at the moment you cannot find a suitable vacancy, do not stop, go ahead! We can always create a new position for you! We are waiting for your CV in Russian or in English:hr@bbdo.ru and we will certainly answer if we have an interesting offer for you.

The 10 people values

  • Makes the work better
  • Clients love them
  • We, not me oriented
  • Is a hand raiser, not a finger pointer
  • Is a radiator, not a drain
  • Presents well
  • Possesses healthy paranoia
  • Is a closer
  • Bounces back
  • Does the right thing