This project is a platform where different educational and cultural events are held and everyone can participate. It is located on the ground floor in the central BBDO Group office. The address is: 7 Derbenevskaya embankment, bldg. 13, “Novospassky Dvor” business-center.

What is it about?

BBDO Group is developing in terms of marketing communications – our key expertise. The agencies’ competence covers everything related to brand positioning and the way they interact with people. That is why all the topics discussed in the Kitchen can be separated into four subject blocks:

  • Brands (who speaks)
  • People (with whom we speak)
  • Communication (how do we speak)
  • Media (where do we speak)

In BBDO Kitchen, a number of subjects are discussed, among them there is strategic brand planning, visual communications, branding and digital (as part of our Digital Lab project).

Who is it for?

Experts specializing in advertising and people who work at advertising agencies, media companies and advertisers themselves. Attending these events is useful for students specializing in advertising and could be interesting for journalists.

What types of event?

  • Lectures and case reviews
  • Tutorials or master classes
  • iscussions or round-tables
Past events
  • From an idea to a million: Maxim Nogotkov for BBDO Kitchen(more...)
  • How the Russian Burton made a million young people go into the streets: the Battle for Burton Parks case (more...)
  • Roundtable discussions with the heads of Universal Music, Sony Entertainment, Afisha Picnic and Kazantip Republic: Music and advertising: where are we heading (more...)
  • Vladimir Gerasichev: Life: A Users Manual special screening (more...)
  • Berlin School of Creative Leadership: The Qualities of a Modern Creative Leader
  • Alexander Novikov Developing insights or why its necessary to know what a man needs, but it isnt enough(more...)
  • Paul Belford (Former creative Director of AMV BBDO, founder of the This is real art studio): Art direction that transforms advertising into art(more...)
  • Google:Street View and how to use it in advertising (more...)

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