Digital Lab is BBDO and Proximity Worldwide global initiative which started at the end of 2011 in Russia. The main concept of the lab is organization of different digital activities in a special place. First, it represents different education projects – case developments, stories about digital technologies, master classes, tutorials, workshops. Digital Lab also does research and information projects. For further details

In Russia the project has the following formats:

  • A course for employees within the BBDO University framework
  • Newsletters
  • Demonstration lectures as part of our BBDO Kitchen project
  • Events at client requests

Detailed information on Digital Lab activities

BBDO College course started in spring 2012. The complete program was set up by the group’s digital experts, except for one module. The goal is to give detailed information about all digital areas. A group consists of 15 to 25 students. Applicants for education are nominated by managing directors of each agency. The education program includes six modules and comprises all digital communication elements, from technologies and media platforms to research and integrated projects.

Newsletter is a regular mailout on digital topics. The newsletter principle means giving useful information on technologies through telling a story about an interesting case and also introducing the people who create this very space. Moreover, the newsletter contains one-line digital market news, upcoming events announcements and useful information about the digital world.

Demonstration lectures experts from various digital spheres are invited to our venues. This means an opportunity to get useful and interesting information concerning digital. Moreover, we are planning to bring digital ‘stars and make big sessions for mainstream audience twice a year.

Client events demand for this information is great, marketing units specialists frequently ask us to tell how it works, to show cases and give an overview of new technologies. We are preparing special programs and workshops for individual requests. Refer todigitallab@bbdo.ruto organize an event.

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