Adress BBDO Group:

115114, Москва, Дербеневская наб., д. 7, стр. 13
Бизнес-центр «Новоспасский двор»
Тел. +7 (495) 787-57-78
Факс +7 (495) 787-57-80

How to get to:

By car:

If you are planning to go by car it is necessary to order an entry pass. This can be done by a person you’re visiting. A person from security will help you to park your car in a free parking lot. Please park your car only in the designated lot, because some of the lots are reserved to particular cars.

By foot:

From Paveletskaya metro station: 15-20 minutes by foot or bus routes No. 13, 106, 158, 632, taxi bus No. 13 to the stop “1st Derbenevskiy pereulok”; tram No. 35 and 38 to the stop Novospassky Most

From Proletarskaya metro station – Tram No. 35 and 38 to the stop Novospassky Most.